CRAVE Magazine

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CRAVE Magazine


A new publication curated by Miyako Bellizzi and Natalia Mantini.
CRAVE is a New York based publication developed by Miyako Bellizzi and Natalia Mantini after the two were united by their creative fields.  A stylist and a photographer, respectively, the duo launched CRAVE as a platform to produce personally gratifying work as well as a space to showcase the work of others by whom they are inspired.

The first issue's theme is blue, based on both the emotional state and hue of the color from the contributors point of view. We're including work by artists who's images effortlessly convey a unique, somber, and relatable tone. 

- Ally Marzella
- Carlotta Kohl
- David Brandon Geeting
- Jovan Todorovic
- Nate Walton
- Niko Karamyan
- Pete Voelker
- Raquel Nave
- Sasha Frolova
- Scout Willis
- Natalia Mantini
- Miyako Bellizzi

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